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Dr. Harini Delivers Maiden Parliament Speech

Making her maiden speech in Parliament, Jathika Jana Balawegaya (National People’s Power) National List Parliamentarian Dr. Harini Amarasuriya yesterday (10) said that the economic principles of Sri Lanka have never given a value to the work such as the household chores done by women without getting paid.

She said: “Every woman plays a significant role in her home – preparing food, caring for children, and caring for the elderly, the sick, people with special needs, and so on. Whether they get paid or not, this work is done without pay and society considers it the role and responsibility of women. Although some women do this work as a job, it is unrecognised, unregulated and often not covered by any labour legislation. But if this work is not done, the economy cannot survive. Unpaid work of women is never included in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). There is no economic data regarding that either. If all the women refused to do this work for a week, do you think that the economy could go further? Even the MPs would not be able to come to Parliament.” 

Dr. Amarasuriya further said female domestic workers who are employed in Middle Eastern countries make a vast contribution to the economy even though they never get the recognition they deserve.

Source :- Ceylon Today

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